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Romantic Suspense

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People are being shot at . . .  Someone doesn’t like authority figures. Or children.  The U.S.  Coast Guard’s newly appointed Officer-in-Charge, Honor Whitney desperately wants to make her late father proud and doesn’t have time to make friends.  But while on a Search and Rescue, shots are fired at her launch and her vessel explodes. She is rescued from the frigid water by Native American Wolf Lawhorn and a switch is turned on. 

            Acts of domestic terror escalate and tensions threaten a civil war between the newly wealthy Indian Casino owners and the formerly powerful ‘Yoopers’.  During all this turmoil, will trusting Lawhorn put her life, her career . . . or her heart in jeopardy?

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Chesapeake Bay

Sandy's work in progress.  The U. S. Coast Guard's Chief Petty Officer Jack Duffy has a well deserved playboy reputation. But he is all business when he meets marine biologist, Dr. Lily Lowell because she might be the only witness to a bombing attempt on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. Despite the best efforts of Homeland Security, and the alphabet soup Federal agencies, Lily is missing and it's Duffy's mission to find her before it's too late.

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Escape from the Zone

Sassy novelist, Bianca Cruz doesn't allow herself to be vulnerable to anyone. She trusts no one.
Texas Ranger, Chase Nichols, is a loner ever since his former fiancée stomped on his heart and married his twin brother five years ago.
When Chase meets Bianca, it's like oil and water. But Chase is assigned to work with Bianca. She witnesses a murder and is kidnapped.
Will Bianca learn to trust Chase when her life becomes endangered?  And will Chase realize that saving her is not just a part of the job, but a necessity to his heart.

Inspirational Romance--Contemporary Romance--Creative Nonfiction

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Catch the Wind

If you made an outrageous bet with your sister to be the first to find Mr. Right, would you let a little thing like he’s the complete antithesis of your life’s work get in the way?

The handsome hunk she falls for is a player. Oil and water do not mix. Or can they?

Will she follow her scientific logic?  Or will she learn to be vulnerable and open her heart?

Does it make a difference when our hero rescues her at sea?  And they spend the night stranded at an abandoned lighthouse…

Jeremy Hagen has everything—looks, exciting career, and money—except the one thing he has wanted all his life.  Adopted as a child, Jeremy longs for a blood connection.  Jeremy is enchanted with Amelia, but the timing couldn’t be worse because Jeremy’s former fiancée reenters his life believing she is pregnant. Share the journey as our hero learns that love, not a blood connection, binds hearts and family.


Songs of the Sweetwater Sea - A Memoir

After a fatal medical diagnosis Sandy asked her oncologist and nurse, if they believed in miracles. Both responded "Yes." But four doctors told her "to get her affairs in order." Find out what she prayed for as she and Captain Don set sail on the Sweetwater Seas and the unexpected blessing that she received.
Sweetwater Chronicles was originally published in The Oakland Press. For the first time, s/v Sweetwater's voyage is pooled with Sandra's spiritual journey. Sometimes the things you don't pray for are the greatest gifts of all.

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