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Beginning writers ask . . .

A writer recently told me that he loved to write, but he didn't know how to categorize it in a specific genre.

After a lot of questions I told him to look at his own books that are similar, at the library, and at the bookstores.

Make a list.

1. Title

2. Author

3. Publisher

4. Date published. Don't bother with anything over five years old.

5. Check the dedication for any editor or agent names.

6. Make a note what category they are filed in.

7. Then the hard work begins. Research the publishers online. Look at their submission guidelines, which include word count, proper formatting, as well as advice to writers.

8. Look for local or online writer's groups for support, critique groups, and general publishing information.

9. Finish your book. Write a query letter, a synopsis, and a pitch for your book.

10. Put your WIP, work in progress aside for a few weeks. Revise it in the editing process.

Once you are FINISHED, you may attend a writer conference to pitch your book to agents or editors OR start submitting your work to places that accepts unsolicited query letters. Make a note on your calendar the response time they list.

And your journey has begun.

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